Pluma Negra Tobalá Mezcal

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Pluma Negra Mezcal is made by the hands of true Mezcaleros who have dedicated their entire lives to crafting artisanal mezcal; produced in the mineral rich mountains East of Oaxaca at an altitude of 4500 feet, Pluma Negra Mezcal has a unique taste thanks to the remarkable combination of environmental factors, agaves, and skilled Mezcaleros.

Tasting Notes

Delicate notes of chocolate and plum with hints of tobacco, nutmeg and floral aromas. Straightforward pineapple and tropical mango come through first on the palate, with low herbal and cinnamon notes. Tobalá's floral finish is light and long lasting.

Tobala is a sipping Mezcal best enjoyed neat. Pairs well with strong taste cheeses, lamb and beef.

Alcohol by volume48%

Country / RegionOaxaca, Mexico


Agave speciesPotatorum